5 Star Review For Autotyme Auto Repair in Vista by Shelby S.

5 stars Shelby S.

March 23, 2015

I had taken my car to another, name brand, tire/repair shop. I asked them to check it over as I was leaving on a trip in a few days. They called me back said I had a radiator leak and needed a new radiator. As I was headed to Nevada I knew I had to get the fixed. They tossed me a $780.00 estimate. I said it would have to wait. I then called Autotyme. I was given a price of approximately 1/2 of that using the exact same parts. Tom said he would order the radiator right then and for me to bring the car in. I did. I went home after dropping it off. When I got home there was a message on my recorder from Tom telling me to come back and pick up my car. I was confused…lol…until I got there and he told me he was returning the radiator and that I owed him a whopping total of $12.00 for the new radiator cap. He also re-did the hose that went to the overflow. I did not need a radiator, I needed a cap and a zip tie on the hose. Man, that was nice. They have since replaced my front end bushings which was not cheap. I actually didn’t even price it this time. I just had him replace them. I knew and was told they were bad. Fantastic job, car no longer shimmies and shakes when you gas it. Love it. I truly feel I have finally found a repair shop I can trust. He has worked on 3 of our cars now and I always just tell him to let me know anything they might need. He, unlike seemingly every other place, has said nope, they’re fine, they don’t need anything. OH…and although I didn’t ask, he made sure to let me know that the squeaking in my brakes wasn’t the pads…just a little dust build up. I would have no issues telling anyone to take their car there. Everything above really happened exactly like I’ve said. There’s more too but I don’t want them to get a swelled head so I’ll stop. Thanks guys!

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